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MicroBurst Learning Paths

(The 3 C's:  Connection.  Communication. Collaboration.)



Create Engaging Meetings

Involve Your Audience and Open Their Minds to Your Ideas

In a world filled with distractions, you must fight  for the attention of the audience.   Learn how to use chat, gesture polling, teams, "AIR" (all-in-responses), and eye contact to keep attention spans high and meetings engaging.  (Details)

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Deliver Concise and Memorable Messages

Broadcasters use words, stories, and structure for strong messaging

In this session, Burst coaches use decades of experience and knowledge in the broadcasting and movie industries to teach how to tell stories while using your voice, facial expressions and structure to deliver memorably.  (Details)

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Make Every Conversation Count - CIQ

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Create Trust and Strengthen Partnerships with Conversational Intelligence

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By diving into the neuroscience of trust, belonging, and communication, participants will learn the impact the quality of our communication has on our ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence. Participants will walk away with a new understanding of trust and how certain conversational practices lead to either partnering or protective behaviors.  (Details)

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Executive Presence and Gravitas

In a famous 1971 study, it was learned that audiences judge how they feel about us mostly from the non-verbal communication (tone and gestures) we use while delivering our message.  Learn to harness the power of your voice and gestures in this fun and highly interactive training.  (Details)

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Communication and gravitas often determines how you’re perceived


Listening builds trust, conversational empathy and relationships

Diverse Ideas and Active Listening

Professional interviewers use active listening skills to better understand differing opinions and diverse ideas.  Active listening also creates empathy and helps the other person feel that they’re being heard.   This is the foundation of trust and moving forward together. (Details)

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Saying No without Saying No:  ReNOgotiate

A positive “No” in email or in-person is key

Our coaches help you set a “baseline” of communication that opens the other person’s mind to what you’re saying. Opening “mental gates” with our 3 Step Empathy formula will dramatically improve outcomes.  (Details)

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Custom Built Company Specific Trainings 

We can meet your team's specific needs with one of our custom-built modules.   Topics Include:  Presentation Skills / How to Build a Stronger Team / Empathetic Conversations / Bridging Empathy to Action / Team Building with Improv


Individual and Executive Coaching:  Personal Instruction

Our coaches have traveled the world individually coaching C-Suite members, senior executives and others that are uncomfortable communicating in front of others.   Topics Include:  Presentation Skills / Leading in a Virtual Environment / Listening to Connect and Understand / Empathetic Conversations / Bridging Empathy to Action, etc.

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