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Learn how our trainings deliver remarkable results and unleash your team's communication "super-powers" in as little as 30-minutes.

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Burst Trainings is a world-class company fully committed to delivering a highly interactive virtual or in-person training experience no matter the size or location of your company or the amount of time you have for a training session.  We believe that learning in shorter "bursts" of time (MicroBursts) is less disruptive, more time-efficient, and increases retention levels.  Our street-wise systems generate lifelong results in as little as 30-minute virtual coaching sessions or half-day on-location "deep dive" trainings.    

The Burst training you receive is custom-built to meet your specific needs and goals delivered by experts with years of communication credentials.  Our coaches have a wide range of experience - operating as national talk show hosts, C-Suite executives, actors, and television and theater writers.  The variety of audiences means a depth of understanding about what will best meet your team's needs.  It's training from seasoned communicators.

With over 32,000 people trained in over 35 countries around the world, our coaches are adept at working in-person and remotely.  We deliver the synergy needed for the highest level of employee performance, empowering your people to learn through highly interactive, even fun exercises.


In the "virtual world" you must fight even harder for the attention of the audience.

memorable messages

Have you ever wondered how podcasters, radio disc-jockeys, professional interviewers and newscasters get us to think and remember messages?


In a famous 1971 study, it was learned that audiences judge how they feel about us mostly from the non-verbal communication we use while delivering our message.

diverse ideas

Professional interviewers use active listening skills to better understand differing opinions and diverse ideas.


Our coaches help you set a "baseline" of communication that opens the other person's mind to what you're sayng.



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Terry is very approachable, engaging and he brings gravitas to the teachings.  Giving us options on how hard to go felt like giving us permission to give him permission to push us. He made us feel like we were in safe hands."

Rob, Senior Agency Development Manager- Amazon Advertising


Terry's practical, simple tips allowed us to immediately put the information and his feedback into action. While it took me outside my comfort zone at times, it was the best way to explore my potential and new techniques." 


Caroline, Financial Controller, Google Australia


Terry provided practical information and advice.  The sessions were interactive, engaging and very insightful.  Terry is engaging, powerful and gave actionable takeaways!"  



Nadim, Sales Strategy and Operations, LinkedIn Dublin

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 4.48.20 PM.png

Robin's encouragement, normalizing of fears, your faith in me, and then your skill at helping me craft the message, tighten the storytelling, and adding bits of gold along the way – I truly can’t imagine how I would have gotten where I did Wednesday morning. Your spirit, compassion, and relatability are worth a million.

Megan, Global Head of Production, Facebook

Robin was extremely engaging and provided awesome insights into the public speaking space.”

“ROBIN IS AMAZING!!! So helpful, insightful, positive, charismatic! I wish she was here all the time.”

Attendee comments, New York Times 


Robin’s coaching helps you connect with your audience by shifting your focus on the listener. She gave me valuable tips on delivery with an emphasis on storytelling that built on my personal style instead of cliché gestures."


Becky Chidester, CEO Wunderman Thompson Health

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I didn't want the end of the workweek to arrive without sending you this thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed the class on Monday and learned a great deal. You are an incredibly engaging instructor. I've already started employing some of the elements that I learned and look forward to using them on the "big stage". I have taken a number of presentation/public speaking classes throughout my long career and this one was by far the best.”


Marie, SVP, SMB Marketing, Salesforce


This is the easiest testimonial I have ever written, hands down. He is not only my speaking coach but my mentor and friend; someone who pushes me to work harder and have more confidence in myself.  Within our first hour together, he not only taught me skills I was able to put to immediate use, he made our time together fun.  He coaches in a way that sticks.  He’s made me a better speaker, better storyteller and a better leader.”


Meahgan, Vice President, Automotive, Pandora

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There have been a few moments during my 12-year career in which I leave a room feeling like a different person in terms of how to approach my work. Today, it was one of those days. You really opened my eyes to a new way of understanding the business, the process, the priorities, and the methods. I feel I can do a better job with all the tools you provided.”


Mauricio, Host, ESPN Deportes

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Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 8.55.59 AM.png

We initially retained Tim to help train speakers for Facebook's Partner Center program in Menlo Park. I've now worked with Tim for 2+ years, and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is a fantastic speaker himself, which brings credibility to the work he does with his clients. He is patient and kind in how he delivers feedback. I've so appreciated this, and can honestly say that he's been an integral partner for us.  I cannot say enough good things. Highly recommend Tim if you have the chance to work with him.

"Our Fall 2020 cohort Nasdaq Center's Milestone Maker program is super lucky to have Tim Fortescue as our pitch mentor. In a few short sessions, Tim empowered the entire cohort with an actionable 2-minute pitch framework. I'm more confident in front of an audience thanks to Tim! I highly recommend his coaching sessions.“

Jessica Valenzuela

CEO and Co-Founder



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It was so engaging! There were so many takeaways that I can't wait to put into practice. The trainers kept my attention the entire time, and it was nice to hear from various perspectives.

Danielle, Director of Brand Marketing


"Our team faced an overwhelming number of competing external and internal pressures that created obstacles for professional success and personal fulfillment. Amy’s attentiveness, emotional intelligence, and expertise are unparalleled. We quickly refocused, and she carefully crafted an individualized approach resulting in a shift in mindset as well as actionable strategies for personal and professional success."

Mari Knuth-Bouracee

Director for PATH to Care Center | University of California, Berkeley

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 10.50.40

Amy is absolutely amazing! She helped my leadership team and I identify and work with our own shortcomings as well as build deep empathy and love for each other that helped get us through some very turbulent times."

Mike Bohnett

VP of Sales | Instawork

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Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 10.53.54

“Amy's had an extremely positive impact on me as both a leader and human being. She has the uncanny ability to connect with everyone she meets with as though you’ve been lifelong friends. Her facilitation and presentation skills are masterful, allowing even the most technical and opinionated of audiences to become more open and engaged. Amy is the real deal and I would recommend any of my fellow leaders, executives, and friends to find an opportunity to work with her.”

Maxim Williams

Director, Organizational Learning & Development | Roku, Inc.

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Robin Amos Kahn is an Emmy nominated writer for TV shows like "The Young and the Restless", "Days of Our Lives", and "The Guiding Light".  She is also the author of several "off-broadway" plays. 


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