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Meet Terry Bond

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Terry Bond

(Senior Executive Trainer)

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"Terry is very approachable, engaging and he brings gravitas to the teachings.  Giving us options on how hard to go felt like giving us permission to give him the permission to push us. He made us feel like we were in safe hands." Rob McCave, Senior Agency Development Manager- Amazon Advertising

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"Terry's practical, simple tips allowed us to immediately put the information and his feedback into action. While it took me outside my comfort zone at times, it was the best way to explore my potential and new techniques."  Caroline Choi, Financial Controller, Google Australia

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"Terry was very engaging and his credentials make us feel important :)" Michelle Chuaprasert, Director, Developer Programs and Initiatives Marketing at Intel Corporation, LEED Green Associate


"He was extremely engaging and helpful. His examples were so well thought out and helped to get the teaching points across. Terry's great sense of humor really brought the topics to life."  Jack Workman, Engineer at Intel Corporation

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"Terry provided practical information and advice.  The sessions were interactive, engaging and very insightful.  Terry is engaging, powerful and gave actionable takeaways!"  Nadim Saade, Sales Strategy and Operations, LinkedIn Dublin

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"Loved the base training on day 1 and then rolling into specifics for our business. The interaction among my team was fantastic and the constant activity made it very engaging.   Terry has GREAT presence!"  J.R. Becko, Vice President of Sales, Liftoff Mobile

"I have had the privilege of working with Terry Bond during two different events. The first time I was a participant, and the second time I was supervising Cadets from The Citadel as 26 of them went through the training together to enhance their communications skills. Terry’s coaching style and leadership technique are perfect. With the utmost courtesy and respect, he challenges you to push past your comfort zone, but he’s always right there with you to provide encouragement and a few extra tips to improve your delivery. First he shows you what to do with a demonstration, then lets you practice the techniques, and finally encourages you to actually employ the method. Bottom line: Terry makes learning to communicate more effectively fun."  Col. Tom Clark USMC (retired), Executive Director of the Krause Center for Leadership and Ethics, The Citadel

Terry Bond is a serial entrepreneur and is a globally recognized expert on the topics of communications, sales, and executive coaching.  He has guided executives of all levels on how to increase revenue, and communicate more effectively with their employees and customers. Bond’s trainings are fun, relaxed and known to create lasting improvements.

Last year, Bond literally traveled around the World ten times working with senior executives at Delta Air Lines, Facebook, Google, Dell Computers, Amazon, Instagram, the United Nations, NASDAQ, Sanford Health Systems, Power China, Spotify, CNN, Siemens, The Weather Channel, Snap Chat, ESPN, Pandora, Bosch, Bird Scooters, and dozens of other dominant worldwide brands. The net valuation of Bond’s client companies exceed Switzerland’s GDP. 

Terry also has an exceptional record of providing significant investor return at the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and President levels with more than two decades of experience overseeing sixty-eight media outlets across America. During his media career, Bond oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. 

Terry is a graduate of the University of Virginia. 

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