Terry Bond

(Senior Executive Trainer)

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Terry engages participants by drawing on his extensive career running media companies, sharing insights from his own work at the executive level. In trainings and one-on-one sessions, he helps professionals improve their communication techniques to wow their bosses, customers and investors.

As a media professional, Terry progressed from being a small-town disc jockey to overseeing $300 million in assets as Chief Executive Officer and partner. He has launched three start-ups and is presently CEO of Go Entertainment Corporation and its subsidiaries, running executive presence, sales training and communication seminars that help companies grow their presence and revenue. Previously, he served as President and CEO of two media companies with operational oversight of 68 media outlets in twenty-two American cities.

In his spare time, Terry is always on the move, whether navigating a biplane in Key West, sailing the West Indies or flying a hot air balloon over the mountains in Tennessee.


Robin Amos Kahn

(Senior Executive Trainer)

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Storytelling has been a major theme in Robin’s career and it’s one of the many coaching tools she uses to help customers become more effective communicators and leaders. Understanding the concerns of your audience, your team, or your customers, using empathy and compassion to connect, and knowing what stories will enable your message to reach them, is one of the most powerful techniques of leadership.

Trainings for women leaders is also one of her passions and she has been fortunate to lead many – including trainings for young girls at the Eleanor Roosevelt Center and for women at companies all over the world. She is also a keynote speaker and is working on a TEDx talk on the power of storytelling.

Robin’s talents led her to spend 25 years as a professional writer for television and theater. She has been nominated for several Emmys for her work on shows such as The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and Guiding Light, is the winner of a Writers Guild Award, and worked on a film for the United Nations Development Program. She was a research assistant for Dr. Edgar Schein, Chairman of the Organizational Psychology department at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Robin writes for the Huffington Post and Medium on topics as varied as resilience, finding your voice, leadership, and swing dancing. Robin appeared on In Her Power, a PBS special on women.

Robin resides in SoHo, New York,.

Dan Moriarty

(Senior Executive Trainer)

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For years, Dan has developed a reputation as a world class communicator and interviewer, sitting down to speak with politicians and celebrities ranging from John Kerry and Mitt Romney to Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Lopez, and Danny Boyle.

Dan has spent 20 years working in television and radio, as a host, reporter, interviewer, producer and actor. As a broadcast host, he appeared on several network series, including NHL Cool Shots, Pioneers, American Outback and NASCAR Outdoors. He has also been hired to help professional athletes prepare for interviews with general managers, coaches and the media.


As an actor, he appeared on shows such as Full House, Beverly Hills 90210 and Who’s the Boss. More recently, Dan used his extensive sports and communications background in serving as the Director of Admissions and Marketing at the National Sports Academy. This range of experience allows him to effectively connect and coach teams and senior executives from across industries.

Dan’s work has taken him all over the world, from Israel to the Marshall Islands, and he has conducted interviews while ice-climbing in British Columbia, touring with bull riders across the American West, and chatting with a Paralympian sailor on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife.

Sunny Disalle

(Senior Account Executive)

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Sunny's passions for presentation and communication skills, along with a strong sales background  made Sunny a perfect choice to head Burst Training's sales effort.


Sunny comes to Burst trainings from Mandel Communications where she was Vice President, Global Accounts.  Prior to her job at Mandel, Sunny has worked in sales at Own The Room, Meltwater, UXpin, Adobe, and Jumio.

Carol Kirchner


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Carol joined Burst's parent company as a controller in 2008 after years of financial work as a financial consultant and Chief Financial Officer.  


Her areas of expertise encompass the consulting, media, real estate, clothing and software sectors.  Carol lives in Charleston, South Carolina.