MicroBurst Learning Paths

(The 3 C's:  Connection.  Communication. Collaboration.)


 Connection:  Create Engaging Virtual Meetings

In the “virtual world” you must fight even harder for the attention of the audience.  It was never easy, but virtual meetings bring dynamics we’ve never encountered before, like unfamiliarity of space, technical glitches, personal distractions and unnerving silences.   Learn how to use chat, polling, teams, "AIR" (all-in-responses), and facial expressions to keep attention spans high and virtual meetings engaging.  This MicroBurst Training Bundle Includes:  Engaging Virtual Meetings / Zoom Fatigue / Privacy in a Virtual World / Increase Attention Span with Participation


Communication:  Deliver Credible Messages

Have you ever wondered how podcasters, radio disc-jockeys,  professional interviewers, and newscasters get us to pay attention, think, and remember their messages?  Our coaches use decades of real-life experience as professional communicators to give you insights into building credible messages that are memorable.  Learn how podcasters, news anchors, and other broadcasters connect with us, deliver their ideas, and keep our attention.  This MicroBurst Training Bundle Includes:  Deliver Memorable Messages with Frequency / Story Formatting  / Sell Your Ideas Like a Pro / Develop Deep Audience Connections


Collaboration:  Active Listening and Diverse Ideas

Great listening skills build empathy and trust.  Listening is one of the key elements of effective communication.  Learn to use "WOW" questions (what over why) and improved listening to overcome the "Sell, Tell, Yell" approach to differing ideas.  This MicroBurst Training Bundle Includes:  Listen to Connect and Understand / Empathetic Conversations / Bridging Empathy to Action

Individual and Executive Coaching:  Personal Instruction

Our coaches have traveled the world individually coaching C-Suite members, senior executives and others that are uncomfortable communicating in front of others.   Topics Include:  Presentation Skills / Leading in a Virtual Environment / Listening to Connect and Understand / Empathetic Conversations / Bridging Empathy to Action, etc.

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