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Physical Distancing and Teams

 How do you keep employee "check-ins", meetings and sales calls from remote locations engaging, motivating and productive?  Especially, when working from the home presents even more distractions (kids home from school, schedule disruption, increased frustration, etc.).

Social distancing, quarantines and isolation are being used to contain the coronavirus pandemic and limit its impact on public health.  USA TODAY, 3/16/20


This 1-hour virtual course provides techniques to keep remote team members engaged from afar with the right mix of teaching, participation and structure.  Learn the "virtual-rules-of-engagement" for meetings as they create an involved, safe environment for participants.

Skills Covered

Learn virtual meeting "icebreakers" that increase participation and learning

Learn to "read-the-meeting" and keep members' attention span high

Develop your own unique team engagement strategy

Conduct concise and powerful virtual meetings that get results

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