(most trainings are available in two, four or full-day busts)

Improvisation and Team Building

An inspired team is laughing, relating and learning at the same time.  Our improvisational exercises keep engagement high so your team learns to adapt, communicate and collaborate in new ways.  Laughter is the best medicine for unleashing your team's creativity.


Unlike traditional training events, Burst improv team building embraces the uniqueness of every participant.  Our games and exercises prove individuality is a strength and this uniqueness makes a stronger more empowered team.  Our training can occur at your location or a nearby theater.

Skills Covered

Build a stronger team through individuality and acceptance

Learn fun any-day interactions that enhance no-pressure learning / messaging

Increase your team's effectiveness by shifting their perspective

The power of "Yes and . . ."

The most important skills in improv are listening and gestures

Exercises that help you become comfortable speaking in front of others while being quick on your feet.

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